Shoei Visor CNS-3 for Neotec II (silver | mirrored)

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Product information "CNS-3 silver mirrored"

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You can customize your helmet with visors in different shades or mirrors.
Or equip it for use in different lighting situations.

The visor of your helmet protects you from many of the things that you like on your ride, such as wind, rain, insects or street dirt. Careful care prolongs its life.

If your visor is dirty, clean it carefully as described in the manual of your helmet or the guide of the visor. If it is scratched or damaged, you should replace it as soon as possible to avoid dangerous situations or an accident.

In all current integral helmet sightings of SHOEI, a PINLOCK®EVO anti-fogging disk can be retrofitted. This allows an unobscured view in a large part of the usable field of view, even under difficult weather conditions.

Use only visors from the original spare parts range of SHOEI that are suitable for your helmet model.

The SHOEI quick-change mechanism allows the sight to be removed and installed within seconds.

A guide with instructions for assembly and cleaning is enclosed with the visor.

Light transmission: 24-30% UV filter: >99% /// PINLOCK® Preparation: Yes Compliance ECE R 22/05: No /// Possible use: Day (sunny)

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Age GroupAdults
SeasonAll year round
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