Shoei NXR2 Prologue TC-10 Motorcycle Helmet (white / blue / red)



NXR2 - Pureness refined

Sporty road helmet

The whole is always more than the sum of its parts.
Essentially, the components are the comfortable fit, highly efficient ventilation, proven aerodynamics, reliable safety and maximum wearing comfort, which make up a high-quality sports helmet. But it is only our decades of experience in the development of motorcycle helmets, our uncompromisingly high quality workmanship and our research into the demands of motorcyclists today and tomorrow that make these features a premium sports helmet: the compact and lightweight SHOEI NXR2, in the tradition of high-quality sports helmets from the XR range.

Its outer shell made of AIM (Advanced Integrated Matrix), combined with a polystyrene core system composed of several elements of different absorbency, offers optimum impact protection.
The new CWR-F2 visor with two-dimensional design for the SHOEI NXR2 allows a distortion-free and very natural view. Reinforcements on the upper and lower sighting edges increase the torsional stiffness, a locking mechanism now mounted centrally prevents the unwanted opening of the visor. Thanks to an advanced mechanism of the predecessor model, it can be changed and adjusted quickly and without tools.
The enlarged, anti-fog PINLOCK®EVO pane from the scope of delivery of the helmet allows an unobstructed view in a large part of the usable field of view, even under difficult weather conditions, due to the fastening points offset far to the rear. The chin strap with double-D lock is easily adjustable and holds the helmet securely in position.
In an emergency, the cheek pads can be easily removed thanks to the EQRS (Emergency Quick Release System) system for gentle helmet removal.

wearing comfort
5 different outer shell sizes (XXS-S | M | L | XL-XXL | XXXL) make the NXR2 a compact, lightweight sports helmet with a wide range of sizes. Its low weight relieves the neck muscles and thus reduces the fatigue effect, whether in sports on the racetrack or on extended tours.
The three-dimensionally contoured head cushion, the preformed cheek cushion and the chin strap cushion are completely removable and washable. Slightly roughened but soft, quick-drying covering materials reduce the friction of the cushions on the skin and ensure a pleasant wearing experience. The newly designed cheek pads allow for easier placement and removal of the helmet. Due to their more voluminous underside, they reduce the noise load on the wearer. For individual adaptation of the helmet, head and cheek pads are available in different thicknesses.
Removable ear pads in the ear area contribute effectively to noise insulation.
Cutouts in the ear area allow the installation of a communication system.

The 6 ventilation inlets and 4 exhaust air outlets of the SHOEI NXR2 are connected via a branched ventilation system inside the helmet shell and noticeably reduce the interior temperature and the humidity in the helmet. They always provide the driver with adequate fresh air supply without increasing the noise load. The result is a pleasant helmet climate for a concentrated and fatigue-free ride, both when riding on the racetrack and on motorcycle trips to warm countries.
The closure slides of the ventilation inlets are also easily palpable with gloves.

The integrated spoiler in the rear head area stabilizes the helmet at higher speeds. The compact and aerodynamically optimized design of the SHOEI NXR2 reduces its wind resistance and its buoyancy even further compared to the already low values of the predecessor model. This effectively relieves the driver's neck muscles and reduces the fatigue effect even during longer journeys.
Vortex generators at the edges of the visor and a newly developed sight seal minimize the noise generation in the area of the visor.

For the SHOEI NXR2, visors are available in a variety of different shades and reflections, which can be used in compliance with the ECE homologation guidelines. The helmet is equipped as standard with a clear visor of the type CWR-F2. All screens of this type can be fitted with anti-fogging PINLOCK®EVO panes, one of which is part of the scope of delivery of the helmet.
In the accessories range of SHOEI, cheek pads and head pads are available in different sizes and thicknesses to replace the original pads or to customize the helmet. Also a chin strap pad, a Breath Guard and a Chin Curtain.

Scope of delivery
The scope of delivery of the SHOEI NXR2 includes a PINLOCK®EVO disk for use in the serially mounted visor of the type CWR-F2 and matching spare pins.
Also supplied are a Breath Guard, a Chin Curtain, SHOEI logo sticker, an original SHOEI helmet bag for the gentle storage of the helmet and a silicone oil for the care of the visor seal and mechanism. In the manual of the helmet and in the brochure "How to use your helmet properly" you will find valuable information about the use, maintenance and care of the SHOEI NXR2.

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