Shoei EX-Zero Motorcycle Helmet



The new Shoei EX-Zero helmet is a welcome addition to the fast-growing category of classically styled modern motorcycle helmets that offer the popular looks of the time, fully updated with decades of advancements in safety, technology and materials.

The shell design of the EX-ZERO was inspired by the SHOEI EX series, which was released in the 1980s with a classic off-road style. The „Ducktail“ shape on the back of the helmet and the mouthpiece design with mesh filter ensure a simple yet elegant shape.

The EX-ZERO is equipped with the clear CJ-3 visor. This visor keeps the distortion to a minimum and provides a clear field of view. It has a superlative design that is similar to a BubbleVisor and also has the advantage that you don't have to stay away from your glasses or sunglasses. In addition, the „roll-in“ effect of wind turbulence.

With pre-set levers on both sides of the helmet, you can adjust the position of the lower edge of the shield to the driver's face shape and nose size with three settings.

A shield tab on both sides is used to directly open or close the visor.

The V-480 Peak, specially developed for the EX-ZERO, is available as an option for a classic off-road look. The screen can be easily attached to the front of the EX-ZERO with the three hooks. (This screen is optional and is not included)

All interior pads can be removed to keep them clean and hygienic. The inner surface is completely covered with raised fabric to achieve a soft feel when wearing the helmet. Particular attention has also been paid to the fabric color in order to promote the impression of a classic helmet.

In the front part near the shield synthetic nubuck leather is used. It prevents undesirable reflections into the shield.

E.Q.R.S. A helmet removal system in case of an accident

This system is designed to allow another person to quickly perform rescue work if the driver needs assistance. The EQRS provides a special band on the cheek pads that can be pulled during a medical emergency to easily remove the cheek pads from the helmet. This makes it possible to easily remove the helmet from the driver.

* Please do not use the EQRS when removing cheek pads for maintenance.

  • Based on the 1980s Shoei EX series
  • Classic look with modern features
  • Optimized for use on the road with a visor
  • Integrated CJ-3 visor. Adjustable in 3 positions
  • 3 shell sizes for perfect fit and compact dimensions All cushions can be removed and washed for easy service
  • Fiberglass shell made from 5 layers (AIM – Advanced Integrated Matrix)
  • Multi-part EPS foam core with different degrees of hardness
  • Double D-ring closure

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Age GroupAdults
SeasonAll year round
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