S100 Chainmax Premium

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Chain care with the Kettenmax Premium
The completely newly developed and greatly improved Kettenmax premium offers additional, convincing advantages:

  • The complete solution including cleaning and lubricating agents from S100.
  • Liquid cleaner (250ml.) and chain spray (75ml.) are connected directly to the Kettenmax via the supplied connections. Transfer is not necessary.
  • For each chain, the right brushes (a total of 21). Selection by supplied templates. No cutting.
  • More compact in dimensions, easy installation on the chain, even in the area of the rim.
  • Solid and tight closure thanks to new construction of the upper and lower tray, improved closure.
  • The new collecting bag is attached directly to the Kettenmax. Excess cleaning and lubricating agents are safely collected for environmentally sound disposal. The collecting bag is reusable. A closed, clean and environmentally friendly cycle.
  • Faster and easier fixing with the new quick-release fastener. Depending on the design of the motorcycle, the chain max can be fixed at the front, rear or on both sides.
  • The best liquid cleaner and the ideal spray are already included. S 100 has developed a new product for use with Kettenmax and optimally adjusted the effect.
  • High-quality material, stable construction, long service life, great design.
  • Under the "More Product Info" button, you will find a video showing each step of the process.

Benefits of a chain max well-maintained chain:
The entire drive set (chain and pinion) is perfectly cleaned, lubricated and protected against rust.

  • Extending the service life by 200 - 300%, thus saving costs in the replenishment
  • Significantly less maintenance. A chain with a maximum of care is stretched 30% less, which means much more kilometers until the next stretching.
  • More power on the rear wheel. The friction of the chain is a cause of the loss of force between the motor and the tire. Kettenmax maintenance significantly reduces friction and brings more horsepower to the rear wheel.
  • No spin-off of the lubricant onto the rear tire. This effect is achieved, on the one hand, by dosed spraying in of small amounts of lubricant and, on the other hand, by dotted application and distribution. Tested in racing.
  • No spraying of lubricant on frame and rim. Lubricant (spray) passes directly onto the inside of the chain via the Kettenmax system.
  • Minimum consumption of cleaning and lubricating agents. Everything depends on where it works. Nothing goes wrong. This helps to save money and protects the environment.
  • Exact switching operations with minimal force are a reward for maintenance.
  • Lighter running of the chain, easier shifting. The chain max maintenance prevents beating, scratching and squeaking of the chain. Quiet chaining and increased safety.
  • Lack of or only superficial care is usually the cause of a chain crack. Increased friction and heat lead to premature wear and weaken the chain. The Kettenmax maintenance effectively prevents this and thus makes an important contribution to driving safety.

Deliverables: 1 top tray 1 bottom tray with screw cap for collecting bags, 3 double row spray brushes, 4 lateral cleaning brushes (red base), 4 lateral cleaning brushes (green base), 4 lateral cleaning brushes (blue base), 4 lateral cleaning brushes (black base), 2 brush scrapers, 3 threaded screw-in grommets, 1 rubber closure, 1 screw-in bag, 1 lubricating adapter, 1 hook-in hook large, 2 hook-in hooks small, 2 hook-in hooks with quick-release fastener, 1 connecting hose long, 2 connecting hoses short, 1 Y-type Distributor, chain templates, screw cap with hose connector, 1 S100 chain cleaner 250 ml, 1 S100 chain spray 75ml.

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