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Outlast temperature control is able to keep the body temperature at high temperature fluctuations and different body activities not too warm...
not too cold... but to keep exactly right.

When the temperature rises in the microclimate, the PCM’s change their state of aggregation, become liquid, absorb excess heat and store it.
Not too warm, just right.

PCM = microcapsules filled with paraffins.
When the temperature drops in the microclimate, the PCM’s change their state of aggregation, become crystalline and release the stored heat again.
The thermal equilibrium in the microclimate is balanced and the temperature difference is compensated.

what are the advantages of a coverall

  • the underwear absorbs the sweat and transports it away from the body for a pleasant wearing feeling
  • the leather suit is much better to put on and off, especially on warm days
  • temperature compensating material
  • In summer, it's super pleasant, because the leather suit doesn't stick to the skin like that
  • in the cold season it protects against rapid cooling of the body
  • one-piece undergarments do not slip when the combo is tightened.
  • The overall protects the leather suit from the inside (sweat) and can be washed again at 60 degrees
  • the zipper can also be opened from below

a very important argument for active safety

the undergarment forms a glide zone between the combination and the skin, which significantly reduces the risk of burns on the skin.
In the event of a fall (by gluing the leather combination lining on the skin)


61% polyester, 33% viscose (Outlast), and 6% elastane

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Age GroupAdults
SeasonAll year round
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