Rukka D30 Allback Air XTR LVL2 Back Protector (orange)



D3O AIR Back Protector Level 2
GR: S for women's jacket 34-44
GR: M for women's jacket 46-50 and men's jackets 44-54
GR: L for men's jackets 56-66

Patented breathable protector

The protectors work in every climate.

Through the close cooperation of the companies Rukka and D3O, a special D3O material was developed only for Rukka and then processed with an exclusive design in all joint protectors and components of the back protectors.

D3O Air is a patented protective material that offers product performance shock absorption and impact protection through the combination of chemical processes and special material behavior.
The brand new D3O Air material has been specially developed for the rukka protectors. This new material has some unique features that provide enhanced, versatile and flexible protection.

The benefits of D3O Air include:

- High absorption of impact Energy
- Trusted protection
- Maximum mobility
- Extremely convenient
- Tested to the highest standards and requirements

How does D3O Air work?
The material consists of "intelligent" molecules that flow freely when worn, but immediately become entangled on impact, absorb the energy and then immediately move again.
D3O Air does not harden when the molecules are blocked to absorb and distribute the energy. They noticeably reduce the impact energy.

D3O Air distributes the force of the impact drastically, reducing the risk of injury.
The impact protection continues to exist after repeated impact
Comfort, freedom of movement and safety are always available

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More Information
VersionLevel 2
Age GroupAdults
SeasonAll year round
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