Nolan N100-5 Hilltop N-Com Motorcycle Helmet (red)

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Nolan N100-5 Hilltop N-Com Folding Helmet

The new Comfort Folding Helmet continues the development of its predecessor Nolan N104 Absolutely and convinces with elegant design, numerous technical features and a huge selection of colors and decors. Its compact dimensions (thanks to two different shell sizes), double P/J homologation, an ultra-wide visor, a sun visor adjustable in different positions, airbooster technology for optimum ventilation, the patented elliptical opening mechanism and much more make the Nolan N100-5 a reference in the class of the folding helmet all-rounders.


  • Visor: Ultra-wide, made from Lexan, scratch-resistant coated
  • Sunvisor UV 400 Protection: dark tinted, made of Lexan, scratch-resistant coated, adjustable in various positions
  • Interior equipment: removable and washable, removable neck pad
  • Ventilation: Airbooster Technology for Optimum Ventilation
  • Lock: Microlock closure for maximum safety
  • Special equipment: Eyeglass channel preparation, dual action chin closure with one-hand operation that minimizes the risk of accidental opening, lever for chin part locking for open driving (P/J double homologation), elliptical chin part mechanism through which the chin part moves closer to the shell when worn open


  • ECE 22.05
  • Weight: approx. 1650 g
  • 2 helmet shell sizes: XXS–M and L–3XL

N-Com Preparation:

  • B901L R Series / B901 R / B601 R Series / B1.4 / ESS / MCS III R Series


  • P/J Homologation: The helmet is approved in a P/J dual configuration because it has passed a removable chin protector (with air inlet), the homologation tests required by the UN/ECE guideline for helmets.
  • ULTRAWIDE VISOR: The large surface of the S/R visor (scratch-resistant) also allows a better side view, which greatly increases the active safety. The tilt sighting mechanism allows for greater extension of the area covered by Pinlock® and reduces the risk of accidental opening/closing of the visor.
  • PINLOCK® FOG-RESISTANT INNER VISOR: Thanks to the patented adjustment system, the extension of the Pinlock® inner visor can be adjusted from the outside to the visor without having to remove it. The Full Silicone Border (FSB), which was accepted under license from Pinlock®, initially allows an enlargement of the air chamber located between the outside and the inside of the helmet, which further reduces the risk of fogging. Second, it reduces the risk of scratches on the visor.
  • VPS SUNSCREEN: Shaped from LEXAN, it is S/R (scratch resistant) and F/R (mist resistant) treated and offers UV protection up to 400 nanometers. It can be easily removed for maintenance and cleaning and is fully adjustable.
  • VENTILATION SYSTEM +AIRBOOSTER TECHNOLOGY: The exclusive AirBooster Technology“ -Air routing system ensures optimum ventilation when the driver's head is most needed: The air is sucked out of the upper air inlet and forced into the most critical areas. This avoids deflection to ensure maximum comfort even under extreme driving conditions.
  • CHIN GUARD ROTATION WITH ELLIPTICAL TRAJECTORY (patented): The rotational movement of the chin guard with elliptical opening mechanism makes it possible to keep the overall size of the helmet front side to a minimum when the chin guard is open. The Seal“ effect is thus greatly reduced and the driving comfort is guaranteed even with the chin guard open.
  • DUAL ACTION (patented): Positioned in the center of the chin guard, it allows easy opening with one hand. The dual opening mechanism reduces the risk of accidental opening: The chin protector can only be opened by actuating the first release lever (or the safety lock) and then activating the second lever.
  • MICROLOCK2 (patented): It is a patented double lever restraint system with micrometric adjustment. It consists of a thermoplastic, ergonomic opening lever and a second aluminum tooth and holding lever. The toothed lever releases the micrometer strip, so the chin belt can only be opened with a very wide rotation of the opening lever. This device minimizes the possibility of accidental opening of the closure.
  • SINGLE BLOCK CHEEK PADS: The internal padding made of foam for the cheek pads has been designed in such a way that they offer a uniform pressure over a longer period of time compared to conventional pads. In addition, the fabric covers can be removed to facilitate washing the latter.
  • CLIMA COMFORT INNER COMFORT PADDING: A new concept, the inner padding consists of double perforated, microperforated fabric. In combination with the upper ventilation system "AirBooster Technology", it distributes the air in the upper part of the driver's head. The shape of the wind shield facilitates the closing of the chinguard and protects against disturbing air flows in the chin area.
  • NECK ROLL: Removable, washable and adjustable, thus easily adaptable to the shape of the driver and the various installation options resulting from different driving positions.
  • MOULDED LINING FOR THE INNER CHEEK PADS IN POLYSTYRENES: The helmet has an innovative inner lining for the inner cheek pads made of polystyrene, which allows a more precise adaptation of the inner cheek pads of the fabric. This lining, which gives the product a high-quality surface, also offers the housing for the headphones of the communication system N-Com.
  • READY FOR N-COM: The helmet is equipped and approved with the N-Com communication system and the innovative ESS (Emergency Stop Signal).


  • 1x Nolan N100-5 Hilltop N-Com folding helmet
  • 1x Pinlock Visor (FSB 4L)

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More Information
Age GroupAdults
SeasonAll year round
Sun VisorYes
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